Discipleship Groups (DGroups) are small groups of Christians. You will certainly want to be a part of a group. DGroups are an excellent way to meet new people, garner friendships, learn from each other, and study and apply Scripture. It doesn’t matter if you know tons about the Bible or know nothing at all: this study will help you learn how to apply the Bible’s life-saving message. Friendship and Bible study: who doesn’t want that?

Sunday DGroups @10am (at FCC)

Monday DGroups @ 6pm 

For a complete list with addresses, email the church office:    

Missed a DGroup? You can listen to live recordings of the Pastor's DGroup Below.

An Introduction to the Trinity

For the handouts to this study, click here and here.

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4 

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. This book (and free workbook) is an excellent overview of how to read the various genres of the Bible. (For instructional videos, please click here.)(We're not covering the book chapters in sequential order on purpose.)

Chapter One, Part 1 

Chapter One, Part 2 

 Chapter Two, Part 1 

Chapter Two, Part 2 

Chapter Five, Part 1 

Chapter Five, Part 2 

Chapter Nine, Part 1 

Chapter Nine, Part 2 

Chapter Eleven, Part 1 

Chapter Eleven, Part 2 

Chapter Twelve, Part 1 

Chapter Twelve, Part 2 

Chapter Seven, Part 1 

Chapter Seven, Part 2 

Chapter Six, Part 1 

Chapter Six, Part 2 

Chapter Three 

Chapter Four 

Chapter Thirteen