Care Ministry

Caring for our Church Family

Bread Ministry

This ministry team picks up bread from one of our local restaurants each week and re-bags it for use by our church families.   

Janet Matthews - 785-917-0440,

Card Ministry 

This ministry  team sends cards of encouragement to members of our church family when they have a birthday, are ill, have a loss or other difficult life situation.   

Maxine Patterson – 785-843-7905,

Funeral Dinners

There are three teams for this ministry.  The Funeral Dinner teams will prepare a lunch for 40 people or less.  If a family wishes to invite friends and family of over 40 people, a Team will do a reception of cookies and drinks.  If a family wishes to bring in a catered lunch, a Team will provide cookies and drinks and serve the food and clean up afterwards.  Please call to make plans if you wish a reception, lunch or help with a catered lunch.

Jean Bonner, Chairman – 785-843-4854,

Grief Share 

This ministry is being created at this time.  It will consist of a class that will meet for approximately 8-10 weeks for two hours each week, and will provide guidance and a time of sharing for those who are grieving from a loss by death of someone close.  Enrollment  will have a limited number of persons per class.

Brock Caffee, LCMFT, - 785-551-2304,


Hospital, Rehabilitation & Surgery Waiting

This ministry team works on a weekly rotational basis and makes visits – daily or weekly – to members of our church family who are hospitalized or are in a rehabilitation facility; a team  member also will sit in waiting with family during surgery.   

Marita Elliott – contact through the FCC church office 785-843-0679,

Kitchen Minsitry

This ministry team is responsible for overseeing the kitchen and the use of it.  The team will be in charge of special events where kitchen use is necessary and/or any party using the kitchen.  A permit will be necessary to use the kitchen. THE KITCHEN TEAM IS IN NEED OF A TEAM LEADER.

Current contact is the FCC church office 785-843-0679,

New Births Ministry

This ministry team is responsible to prepare a meal for a family with a new baby and to check with the family to see if there are any other needs they may have when mother and baby arrive home.  

Elaine Pendergrass – contact through the FCC church at

Prayer Chain

This ministry team is comprised of selected church members whose purpose is to pray for other church members and families by request in times of prayerful need.   

Maxine Graves – contact through the FCC church office 785-843-0679,

Prayer Ministry

This ministry team is cared for through the office of First Christian Church.  Requests are kept confidential and referred to the Board of Elders and church staff.   

Church Office – 785-843-0679,

Prayer Shawl

This ministry team has a mission to provide comfort through shawls to members of our church family who are facing terminal illness, placement in nursing homes, loss of immediate family members or other extremely stressful situations.   

Vanna Gartner –

Shut-In Visitation

This ministry team provides contact with those members and friends of FCC who are unable to attend Sunday services regularly. 

There are two contact sources – Peggy Burnett will make contact through a card ministry by sending cards at special seasons of the year;  Lila Peters makes telephone contact on a regular basis.  Both Peggy and Lila will forward any special requests to the FCC office and the request will be forwarded to the proper persons involved in helping take care of the need.

FCC office 785-843-0679,

Thanksgiving and Christmas Benevolence Gifts and Cards

This ministry team provides monetary gifts to church member families at these special holidays and recommendations are made by church staff who have been made aware of specific needs.   

Marita Elliott – 785-843-0679,

Transportation Ministry

This ministry is for use by church members with no other means of transportation, providing rides to and from church on Sunday mornings.

Current contact is the FCC church office [785-843-0679],

Wedding Ministry

This ministry team will work with each couple who makes a request to hold their wedding ceremony at First Christian Church.  The team will help coordinate all plans beginning with scheduling the use of the Church Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and/or the church kitchen.

Sheri Penny - contact FCC church office 785-843-0679,