Transit DGroup

The College DGroup meets on Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:00 in the Family Room for an evening meal, Bible Study, and fellowship.

Starting January 18, we will be going through a Bible Study called The Apostles' Creed: Together We Believe. The objective is to journey through the formula of the Apostles' Creed and evaluate what Scripture says about our essential and important beliefs and why they truly matter for us today. January 18 will be an intro session. All sessions are independent, so its okay if you miss a week or so. Supplemental resources are available upon request.

Transit DGroup does not meet together when the KU Campus is not in normal session (holidays, breaks, and summer).

Sunday Worship

Some students go to the traditional and some go to the modern. Here are the worship service times:
Traditional: 9 AM
Modern: 11 AM

Coffee Conversations

If you want a one-on-one conversation with our Pastor to Youth & College, schedule a conversation by contacting him at . Also, it's not limited to coffee!

Youth Ministry Volunteers

FCC YTH is always seeking college students with a passion to serve the Lord by ministering to the youth students in the local church. We have several needs like Growth Group Leaders, personal mentors, and musicians. If you are interested, please contact the Pastor to Youth & College (Paul Porter).