****For those of you who are unable to attend our Sunday service, you can watch a live streaming of the service here. ****

August 6, 2021

Update on our COVID Response

A change of attitude is a powerful thing. It’s amazing how many troubles are easier to bear when I choose to take a different attitude than the one that comes naturally or that leaps to the front of my mind. When unpleasant and unwanted obstacles are thrown in my way, instead of being grumpy and responding with complaining, I can choose to give thanks for all that God has given me in the past. I can decide that I will trust Him for good things that are yet to come. And I can choose to walk in His peace in the present.

No one is happy about the resurgence of the delta variant of the coronavirus, and I doubt that anyone enjoys wearing masks. Or at least, not very many people. But instead of pouting or erupting with aggravated anger and making foolish vows, let’s choose instead to set our minds on the things above and allow the peace of Christ to rule in our hearts. We all want to be able to gather for worship without restrictions that make us uncomfortable. But if the suffering church around the world can gather for worship and rejoice together in spite of the threat of imprisonment, torture, and death, certainly we should be able to meet when we face the inconvenience of wearing a face mask.

Here, then, is a reminder of our current guidelines for entering our church building.

• We are asking that everyone coming into the building for Sunday worship or other group meetings wear a mask when entering, leaving, or moving about the building.
• In the case of small children who have difficulty wearing a mask, we will defer to the parents to govern their children’s actions.
• Masks may be removed when seated in the sanctuary, or when seated in a room where we are physically distanced.
• Musicians and speakers may remove their masks when on the sanctuary platform.
• Those who are unable to wear a mask may watch the live stream of the service in the fellowship hall.
• We will provide masks for those who forget theirs.

We know that some may need to avoid public gatherings for various reasons, and for others, the risk of contracting COVID dictates that they remain home. We trust you to be wise and to take the proper steps to ensure your own safety. Our broadcast will continue to be available, and we hope you will watch the live streamed service if you cannot be present in the building on Sunday. And we certainly hope that we will see you in person very soon.

But wherever we are, on Sunday and every other day of the week, let us determine to believe God for good, to trust him for all that we need, and to give God thanks and praise, for He is worthy of it all.

Pastor Barry

We will update the website regularly with information as it affects our church. For the latest updates on the status of the pandemic, we recommend that you consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

The Giving Tree Preschool

The health and safety of our Giving Tree families and staff has been our highest priority as we make decisions based upon guidance and recommendations from our local health officials. Please review the documents below for the latest information regarding The Giving Tree Preschool and our response to the Coronavirus.

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