Dear FCC Family,
We want to thank everyone for your patience and your perseverance during this pandemic, particularly since Christmas, when we’ve had to return to online-only worship services. It hasn’t been easy for any of us, but your good attitudes and determination to continue supporting our church have lightened the burden for all of us. When you watch online, when you help those without access to a computer watch the services, when you check on one another through the week, you reinforce your connection to the church body and help others do the same.

Unfortunately, it appears that the pandemic will not be ending any time soon. But we are encouraged by the effectiveness of the vaccines that have been developed, and pray that their production and distribution will be accelerated so that every person has access to protection.

Until that point is reached, and perhaps even afterwards for a time, gathering in person will continue to have some level of risk. We cannot eliminate that risk entirely, but we can try to reduce it. So we will continue to screen those who come on Sunday mornings, to ask everyone to wear masks when in the building, to maintain physical distance, and to observe good hygiene. But the elders have concluded that with those requirements in place, we believe that we can return to in-person services relatively safely for those who are comfortable attending. Beginning January 24, we will again welcome anyone who wishes to attend in person, provided that the required protocols are followed.

Even though we are again having in-person services, we recognize that there are many of you who are in a higher risk category, or who are uncomfortable or unsure about the idea of meeting in public. For you, it may be necessary or prudent to continue to worship remotely. We will continue to broadcast our services and encourage you to stay home and watch the livestream until you are confident that it is reasonably safe for you to gather again in group settings. In the meantime, until you are able to return for in-person worship, please let us know if there are ways that we can better serve and stay connected with you.

Thank you for all that you do to help build up our church and to advance the kingdom of God. We will keep going forward together in this year of the Lord’s favor.

With you for Jesus’ sake,
For the elders,

Pastor Barry

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