Guest Speaker: Paul Taylor

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Paul discovered a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while attending college in Winfield, Kansas. He married his wife Barb and after 48 years they continue to enjoy their 4 children, their spouses and 15 grandchildren.

Paul began his 20-year paramedic career in 1975, serving in both Winfield and Lawrence, Kansas. He was called into full-time ministry in 1995 at a non-denominational church in Lawrence to serve as their missions, worship, and executive pastor. During this time, he authored the book Too Many Lovers and its companion workbook.

While still in ministry, Paul became a Chaplain to first responders in 1997. This transitioned into a non-profit Chaplaincy service known as the First Responder Chaplain Association (FRCA) in 2021. The FRCA serves the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Lawrence Police Department, Lawrence Douglas County Fire Medical, the Douglas County Emergency Communication Center (911), KU Police, and Baldwin City Police Departments and their families. Paul also serves the International Conference of Police Chaplains organization But even after 47 years of working with people in crisis, Paul retains his passion for helping people find hope and healing, both practically and spiritually.

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