Giving Tree Preschool LogoFirst Christian Church is having a powerful effect on future generations through the ministry of The Giving Tree preschool. We regularly enroll children whose parents attended The Giving Tree when they were little. We also have children who have neighbors, friends, grandparents, or other family members who have had their children or grandchildren attend The Giving Tree. What a testimony of what God can do to bring the blessing of his kingdom to multiple generations through his church.

A huge part of the reason for that testimony is our staff. The Giving Tree teachers are amazing—their love for the children and for the Lord is genuine, rich, and conspicuous. Donna Carlson, Mikayla Swart, Sarah Johnson, and Cathy Ison daily pour out that love into the hearts and minds of little ones, forming habits of good behavior, healthy social interaction, and learning that will shape their lives in positive ways and help them to build a genuine faith in Jesus Christ.

Julie Hafenstine, the director for The Giving Tree, works tirelessly to make The Giving Tree the very best it can be. She is the picture of devotion —to the pre-school, to her staff, and to the children. We are grateful for her skills, for her careful oversight of the school, and for her dedication to this vital ministry.

You could do a lot to help this ministry continue. Recommend The Giving Tree to parents and grandparents of preschool-aged children you know. Or consider a gift to the scholarship fund to help families who cannot afford tuition. Pray for the teachers and staff, for the children, and for their families. God is doing something wonderful in our pre-school.

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